Project Description

Golf outings are a great way to raise money. And let’s face it — they’re fun, too! Take your event to the next level by adding some new golf outing games to the mix.

portable Pop Up mini Golf course. can use for team building, customise the ‘obstacles’ inside this mini courses

Strong organizations rely on strong teams to succeed. One great way to build teams is through a golf outing. Sports can help unlock creativity through their nature as ‘play’ as opposed to a normal day of ‘work.’ Not to mention, the opportunity to get together, break into teams, and play the game so many of us love is pretty enticing.

Golf, in particular, is a sport that requires a varied set of skills to propel a ball from the tee to the hole, again and again for 9 to 18 holes. While professional golfers possess all of the necessary skills, it is unlikely most citizen golfers do. As a team building tool, that lack of universal skill can be an advantage, rather than a disadvantage. Each team member brings their own strengths and weaknesses. The primary goal should be to learn that the work of a team can be more powerful than that of any one individual.