Using wooden blocks or an actual Jenga game, mark blocks according to the hierarchies present in your company. For example, you might have some blocks denoted as the IT department, and others as HR. You might have particular shaped blocks marked as “manager” and block shapes as “support staff.” The labeled blocks should reflect


SUPA SOAKA Throw at the target and dunk the seated person. Great fun and heaps safer than the dunk Tanks. Space required for supa soaka is 1.2m deep x 4m wide x 2.2m high.


Tug of War is a long standing favorite team building exercise. A real sense of teamwork is created as young and old, big or small, work together as a team to come up as the victor in this battle of strength. ... The object of the exercise is for one team to pull the


This is a great way of looking back on an experience and helping participants connect the learning whilst playing a fun and familiar game. During the review, participants roll the dice and move their marker to the appropriate square, once they are on the square they will be asked a reflective question based on


An egg-and-spoon race is a sporting event in which participants must balance an egg or similarly shaped item upon a spoon and race with it to the finishing line. At many primary schools an egg-and-spoon race is staged as part of the annual Sports Day, alongside other events such as the sack race and


Body Part Twister is great for getting people working together and energised, it is physical and needs participants to be comfortable leaning on each other. Call out different body parts, these are the only parts of the body the whole group can have touching the floor. Encourage everyone to work together to find a


Cricket Wicket Great fun over summer for all ages. Great practice for all levels and abilities. Space Required: 3.5m wide x 8m long x 3m high


Super Surfer The Mechanical Surfboard Simulator is fun for all.Great for all those beach parties. Throw on the party music and “Surfs up”. Space required: An inflated Wave for safety, 4m x 4m, 3.3m high Age Limit: 15 years and over or 8-14 year old’s with parent supervision. Fully operated by a professional experienced