Slip ‘n Slide Huge amount of fun for all age groups. Position it to end up on the grass or in a swimming pool or direct into our pool in required. We require access to a tap. Space required: Pool length for slide is 4m, in total 21m.


Panther Slide This is an exceptional looking Pink Pantha Slide. You climb up through the tail and slide out its open mouth. A Great looking SLIDE at any event. Space required: Stands 5m (H) x 4m (W) x 8m (L) Age Restriction: 10 years and under


Mission Impossible This is a big one! It’s huge! It has rope ladders, tunnels, Huge mega slide , holes to squeeze through, and heaps more fun built in. Recommended for anyone over 4 years old and still a great challenge for the fittest of adults. Massive for Corporate fun days, Team Building, Youth Groups,