Team Activities

If your group needs a boost in morale or just wants to cement its strength as a unit, there are few things as good as a team building game. Whether it’s for your company, church, scouts or guides, sports club or team, competitive games are a fun way to develop team spirit and banish stress.

Team games can help your employees learn to interact better with each other, giving them a fresh perspective of each other’s skills and abilities. There’s nothing better than a game to help people work together – with a healthy dose of competition in there too. All of which help reduce workplace tension and improve productivity and performance.

PromoKing are the professionals of fun, at helping groups get their game-face on, while learning to work as a unit. Best of all, we can run everything for you, so it’s safe and stress free!

Dodge Ball Arena

The Dodge ball arena is a great team game that’s fun for all ages. Sort out your strategy and try to take out the other team with some swift passing. We need an area 15 metres long and 8 metres wide.

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Racing Loos

What can we say? You are off racing in the loo-racing classic, a truly loo-natic game of skill perfect for those with a crazy sense of humour. We set up a play area and the challenge begins. Navigate your porcelain throne through a course as hard or easy as you want. Space required: approximately 10 metres x 5 metres to suit the area available. A track can be hired separately. Fully operated by an experienced professional operator, and registered with a current Worksafe New Zealand certification.

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Soccer (human Foosball)

This is a great team building game perfect for everyone from novices to football clubs looking for a laugh. Just like Foosball – but with full-sized players. Forget dribbling (you can’t!), it’s all about passing and strategy. In this large inflatable soccer field there are 6-10 players harnessed onto bars, so their movement is limited across the field only. Great team corporate fun activity. Enormous fun and a load of laughs. Space required: 14 metres x 6.5 metres

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Spin the dial to see where each team member has to go next – there are usually a lot of laughs with this one as everyone gets themselves in knots! We need a space 8 metres long and 8 metres wide.

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Tug O War

The genuine Tug-O-War machine. Two teams aligned side by side under the starter’s orders. Perfect for a team challenge as working together is the best way to win! Get your players to collaborate and have a laugh together – why not pit the backs against the forwards or the marketing team against admin? Space required: 3 metres x 7 metres

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