Dodge Ball Arena

The Dodge ball arena is a great team game that’s fun for all ages. Sort out your strategy and try to take out the other team with some swift passing.

We need an area 15m long and 8m wide.

Racing Loos

What can we say? You are off racing in the loo-racing classic, a truly loo-natic game of skill perfect for those with a crazy sense of humour. We set up a play area and the challenge begins. Navigate your porcelain throne through a course as hard or easy as you want.

Space required: approximately 10m x 5m to suit the area available.
A track can be hired separately.
Fully operated by an experienced professional operator, and registered with a current Worksafe New Zealand certification.

Soccer (Human Foosball)

This is a great team building game perfect for everyone from novices to football clubs looking for a laugh. Just like Foosball – but with full-sized players. Forget dribbling (you can’t!), it’s all about passing and strategy. In this large inflatable soccer field there are 6-10 players harnessed onto bars, so their movement is limited across the field only. Great team corporate fun activity. Enormous fun and a load of laughs.

Space required: 14m x 6.5m


Spin the dial to see where each team member has to go next – there are usually a lot of laughs with this one as everyone gets themselves in knots! We need a space 8m long and 8m wide.

Tug Of  War

Tug of War is a long standing favorite team building exercise. A real sense of teamwork is created as young and old, big or small, work together as a team to come up as the victor in this battle of strength.

Big Foot

A real team building event. Teams stand atop over sized “Big Feet” and attempt to coordinate the actions of the team to make it to the finish. Its harder than it looks and comes with tons of laughter!


Combat archery, sometimes known as battle archery is a sport similar to dodgeball, paintball or Nerf war played with bows and arrows tipped with foam.


This exciting new sports has taken the U.S. by storm popping up in many major cities and it’s even more fun than it looks! Made popular in Australia and having started in Norway, you may have already seen it in a number of YouTube videos from around the world.

Giant Jenga

In this team building activity, the team has to build a structure using wooden blocks. What they don’t know is that they then have to remove blocks without compromising their structure!